The Pizza Landscape of Glassboro Changes Again

Edited April 10th, 2012.

Haven’t posted in awhile, it’s what being a Senior in college does.

Quick update to the map.

Glassboro Family Restaurant and The Cheesesteak Factory have both has gone out of business.

The Cheesesteak Factory has moved to Tomatoe Pie Co. former location at 524 N. Delsea Dr.

Italian Brother’s Pizza has replaced Glassboro Family Restaurant.

In Review: Final Graded Post & Greatest Hits

This is the end of the graded portion of my blog. To readers who may not know this blog was started as part of the Online Journalism 1 course offered at Rowan University. Throughout the semester some of my posts conformed to certain guidelines laid out by course while others were simply reviews I felt like posting. I have reviewed 11 of 18 pizza serving establishments in Glassboro and Pitman as well as written a handful of “Pizza People,” and “Pizza Knowledge,” posts. I plan to continue this blog for the time being until I review the final 7 restaurants. Below is a list of what I believe to be my 5 “Greatest Hits:” (in no particular order)

The first three are my highest trafficked reviews. I believe all of them are fairly good examples of my reviewing style. The Adam Kuban interview was my proudest “Pizza People” post and had some great photos and non local coverage. The Glassboro Pizza Map post did a good job of centralizing information and was probably the most useful on the my site. It received the most views of any non review post.

I hope that anyone who stumbled upon this site found it informative and enjoyable to browse. I had fun writing the posts and trying new pizzerias around town, and I hope my blog inspires you to grab a pizza from somewhere new sometime soon.

-Your Truly,


Pizza Party! Blind Taste Test of 3 Local Pizzaerias

In an effort to inject some opinion other than my own into the blog, I decided to revisit three pizzerias I’ve already reviewed. I would order and obtain pizzas but have no part in eating them. Instead I’d throw a pizza party and invite a few of my pizza connoisseur friends (David Wald, Stephen Dower, and Sean Wofford) over to dissect without bias three distinct mystery slices. Since I am a college student on a budget I choose Venice Italian Eatery, Joe Pops, and Little Sicily due to their “small pie” offerings. All three pizza’s were ordered at 7pm on a Saturday night and each reviewer did not know where the pizzas came from.

(From Left To Right) Sean, Stephen, David

Audio Reviews: (In descending order: David, Stephen, Sean)

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Il Forno’s: Mealplan Pizza Is Nothing To Die For

Il Forno’s is a bit different than the traditional pizzerias so far reviewed in Glassboro. For one it is located on the Rowan University campus within the Rowan food court in the Student Center. It is part of Rowan’s cafeteria buffet during most hours and only serves pizza by the pie Monday-Thursday from 7:30pm-11:00pm. The rest of the time a diner plays a flat fee ($8.50 at lunch time, 10:30am-3:30pm; $10.00 at dinner time, 3:30pm-7:00pm) to eat unlimited slices as well as sample other buffet stations. Anyone can dine here although the lack of parking, location, and gist of the place mean the usual customer base is about 99% Rowan students or staff. Glassboro residents looking for an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet are better off taking a trip to the five dollar lunch buffet at Pizza Hut.

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Cheesesetak Factory: College Crowd / Open Late

The Cheesesteak Factory is the latest in a number of independent pizzerias to try to make the 120 N. Delsea Drive location work. It appears they have been successful by combining long operating hours with a college kid attitude. Notable is their selection of fat sandwiches (popularized by the grease trucks of Rutgers University) and the party pizza challenge.


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The RIGHT way to reheat pizza (and how to store it)

Once again our awesome friends over at Slice have done their research and come up with the best way to reheat pizza.

I thought it’d be fun to demonstrate this with a quick video so all my By the Slice readers would know how it’s done. Special guest star David Wald shows you what to do.

There’s apparently a lot of science going on in this process, but we keep things short and simple so you can get to the pizza faster. For more info, head on over to Slice.

Papa Johns: Why Bother?

I have no particular qualms or agendas against chain pizza as many pizza purists do. It can occasionally be the only game in town, and sometimes you may even crave the buttery, oily taste of the pre-made dough/crust. But in a town with no less than seven mom & pop pizzerias I can see little reason to call Papa Johns for delivery. The storefront is takeout/delivery only, with no tables, personality, or ambiance. It amounts to a white room that serves mediocre pizza.

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Joe Pops – Cozy, Small Town Style

Joe Pops is a quirky small town store. Their sign outside declares “Family Restaurant, Diner, Deli, and Pizzaeria.” They feature a small selection of groceries, live bait during the summer for Alcyon Lake next door, a small lunchmeat counter, and full service breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with a variety of freshly made desserts!) Old fashioned signs adorn the walls and freshly made soup and chili simmer for autumn days. A half eaten slice pie sat in a warming tray and even though it was a Thursday at rush hour, only one other family was eating dinner in this cozy kitchen. One chef was on duty, with the counter clerk handling orders and waiting on tables.

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Where Do You Get Your Glassboro Pizza?

We’re passing the half-way point for the semester and I thought I’d try to get some feedback from my readers. I’ve reviewed 8 pizzerias out of 18. Am I right about them? Where should I eat next? Where do you get your weekly pie from? If there’s more than 1 place let me know in the comments.